Discussing Racism and Discrimination in Club Scene (Gin Event)

photo credit: NBC News

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you’re all well and keeping safe during these crazy times.

As you know this is a start-and-stop project, it all depends on how many participants we get.

But I’m going to be blogging more, at least a couple of times a week.

Just to reconnect with all of you and share our mission of sharing stories of LGBTQIA+ South Asians, whether they are out or now.


I got plenty, but don’t want to overwhelm you.

Our Twitter has been suspended, I don’t know why. The only explanation I can give, maybe Twitter’s algorithm spotted some queer content and thought it was something sinister.

I’m hoping to get it back, but we still got our Instagram.

I would like to draw your attention to an important GIN meet-up, this Saturday, to discuss racism and discrimination you’ve ever faced in clubs.

There’s some “usual suspects” on the scene that discriminates against the Queer POC community, rather than trying to cultivate an inclusive and thriving community.

In 2017, we launched “Denied for being POC” where we collected a few stories, it was inspired by an incident I personally witnessed, while out with my partner and her colleagues.

It will be nice to engage with you all again from time to time. Please feel free to email me your charity if you’re looking for one-off donations of any kind.

Supporting the Naz and Matt Foundation

We’re excited to announce that each Gaysian Face we featured on our FB page, we will add a donation button for our viewers to donate to the Naz and Matt Foundation.

Gaysian Faces believes in the foundation, they are doing so much for education, as hate crimes against the LGBTQIA+ and bullying (online bullying) increases, the Naz and Matt Foundation is going out to schools to show children the effects bullying does to a child who identifies at LGBTQIA+.

Not only that, but also teaching parents not to let homophobia get in the way of loving your child for the person they were born to be.

To utter those words “Mum & Dad I’m ________” (whatever you identify as) is a very personal and private journey with no expiry date on how you go about your journey.  All we want is our parents love and acceptance.  The foundation offers support to those who have been rejected by their families too.

We’re proud to support the Naz and Matt Foundation, support doesn’t always mean money – it can be simply sharing/retweeting, helping your favourite charity gain visibility means more than you’ll ever know to those behind the charity.